Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look What I Finally Finished.

I made this shirt for Max! It has been sitting in a ball of scraps on the floor forever. I just used the the double sided interfacing for appliques and some scraps of fabric, ironed them on and Blanket stitched them to the shirt Cute huh.


  1. Nice work! I'm jealous. I wish I could do cute things like that with all my free time. After working for sooo long I never picked up any crafty talents. Maybe I'll have to come spend a weekend near you and you can jump start my abilities! BTW I like your new blog:) It's a cute twist for the average new mommy and such!

  2. Hey I've been wanting to get crafty, especially out here in Florida because I have a pretty good amount of spare time! But I don't know how to do anything it seems. Wanna help me out? :o) I've been thinking about making some cute headbands, like the ones at marielizabethcouture.blogspot. You know the big stretchy ones? I just don't know how to do ANYTHING. let's hang out when we get back. :o)

  3. I think that is a cool idea for a blog. I should start one like this someday too, if only I did more fun projects. I guess I could do a couponing one...