Sunday, May 17, 2009

Muffin Tops

When I became pregnant with Max I learned a lot of new and wonderful things about my body.... (sarcasm).. Lets see what did I learn....

1. Your stomach will stretch and though you may not get stretch marks Your belly button will never be the same again.

2. You can have 4 Boobs. Two in your bra and the two on either side of your arms between your armpit and bra. I have 4 do you?

3. I thought I had Back fat before. Now I have 2 shelves. One just above my waist band sometimes refered to as your Muffin top and the one around my bra straps. Nasty little Buggers....

4. Though you may have been carrying a baby around inside for 9+ months and your legs have been getting the workout. They will be no stronger after giving birth. You just can breath better.

Well, I gained 50 lbs with Max... Not proud of it but I did. I have now lost all but about 10 or so... Yes that seems to be the magic number 10. So I have thought a lot about it, it bugs me.... Last year I had the excuse of, "Sorry I am chunky I just gave birth" This year now that Max is )NE I can't really say that. This year I wanted to fit into my pre-pregnancy shorts. It is not happening! I really don't want to buy a bigger size so I have to do something.

So I was on a shopping Binge, and full of self- loathing I saw 2 books that caught my EYE. I bought them and decided to read them. For anyone who knows me Reading books other than TEXTBOOKS is not my THANG..... I was desperate though and did not want to be the fat one of the Caldesac so here I am To the main title of my Post. MUFFIN TOP I have one and for all of you who don't know what that is..... I brought visuals:

This Is A Delicious Muffin Great To Look At and Yummy Notice The Shape

This On the other hand is a "Muffin TOP" (among other things ).

This is how I feel when I put on my Pre-pregnancy shorts. EWWWW.... So these books. Here they are for those who may be interested.

Yes, I know the book SWEARS in the Title so maybe I shouldn't be caught reading it in church but I actually have seen this book many times. The first time I saw it I was in the Airport parking lot waiting at a shuttle stop with Max while Corey tried to find where we parked the car (hate when that happens). ANYWAY. There was this really pretty naturally skinny tall girl there about my age or a little older, you know one of those.... She was reading it. I thought it was an interesting title for a book. She talked to me for a long time and I just remembered that book. It is good it has some language in it but mostly it tries to get you to stop Whining and do something. Stop eating Crap and Move and you will loose weight. This is good for me because I have a tendancy to Whine and then go through the drive through or make cookies or something. Good book so far really pushes the ALL NATURAL foods. BY the Way Did you know that when Aspertame goes into your body it is turned into Formaldahyde! Does that mean that all Diet Coke addicts will be preserved forever??

Now this book is really Good. I never really got into the show but I saw it and it actually looked doable. It starts with the stories of everyone and then tells you about good foods and bad foods. It then gives you 30 days worth of menus Snacks Breakfasts Lunches and Dinners. AND then a routine that as you progress through the month gets more difficult and lengthy. SO what they say is each meal should be about 375 Calories and of which there are 3 of course. Then 2-3 Snacks that are 200 Calories. Calorie totals for the day come out to about 1500 which in reading what you get to eat, I would think that all of it would add up to so much more. They believe that you should have some sort of protein with every meal or snack too.

I know you can't see the words very well but this is a days worth of food. They give you the recipes too. So what I did was write down a shopping list. This list was huge.... So I decided to make a file. I bought 3x5 Cards and I made photocopies of the days menus. I am then going to cut out all of the Snacks Lunches Dinners and Breakfasts and paste each of them to an index card and put them in a file box. So that I can mix and match according to what I have in the kitchen. Good idea huh..... One of the things I am excited about is Greek Yogurt. I love yogurt and custard and all of that. Greek Yogurt has less carbs and more of a concentrated Protein because they process all of the runny stuff or the carbs out. So I guess we will see how it goes. Why am I blogging about this? Because if I do and I am required to give updates then maybe I will be more motivated. Ok so what do you think? Any tips or suggestions? Does anyone want the info or to do it with me? Let me know.


  1. Oh boy Katie, I swear you jumped into my mind and took out all of my thoughts! This is a great post, I agree with it all. Maybe it has something to do with the warmer weather now and of course we have to wear lighter outfits and we can't hide underneath tons of layers. I've read the Skinny B&*%$ book it's pretty funny, I haven't read the other. Let me know how it goes for you. Don't forget your not the only one battling the muffin!!

  2. I laughed at the things that happen to your body after pregnancy! Zach and I both read it because I thought it was funny. I would NOT have guessed you gained 50 lbs with Max. I've always thought you looked cute. :o) And NEVER thought you had a muffin top!